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When you are ready for serious healing, or simply want to improve your life, we will work together to find out, through an analysis of  your subconscious mind, where the root cause of the problem lies.  Many times we have no recollection of the events that have happened in our lives that we have attached negative beliefs and emotions to.  These negative attachments get lodged in our subconscious mind and over time,  turn into behaviors that take on their own life and negatively manifest themselves in our relationships and everything we do.  We work to identify that event and the beliefs and emotions that surround it.  We will then replace them with positive, helpful suggestions that help you to finally live a life of freedom  from this negativity. Through this amazing process, the depression, anxiety and phobias fall away.

Who Can We Help?


 Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis can treat patients with Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, Shame, Phobias, Spiritual Exhaustion and various Addictions. Keep in mind that anxiety can manifest itself in over 100 different ways such as nervousness, nail biting, sweating, picking, heart palpitations, shaking, stuttering, quickened breathing, fidgeting, over-eating, under-eating, and many other behaviors.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


PTSD can come in many different forms.  In addition to Veterans that have fought in combat, PTSD can include victims of sexual abuse and assault, physical abuse, victims involved in or witnessing tragic accidents, separation from a parent, death of a loved one, natural disasters, and many more.  These events can be so horrific that the memories have been suppressed and have manifested themselves in your body as behavior disorders, anxiety, depression, and even disease.


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